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Stone Age Recordings' founder Billy Don Williams first experience with recording was in the 1950's when the signal was cut direct to vinyl disc. In those days, there was no overdubbing, punching-in or fixing the mix in post-production. Back then an artist had to actually be able to perform in one take.

Throughout the 70's and 80's, Williams worked with analogue multi-track recording to tape, a method still sonically preferred by some and sought after using digital analogue-emulator plug-ins today. Williams started with a 2340 TEAC and later an 8 TK tape machine.

From the 90's to the present, the digital recording process has become the method of preference which has greatly reduced the cost of audio production. Editing, mixing and mastering has never been easier (not to mention signal replacement and auto-tune).

Williams' longtime interest in recording and assimilating the newest technologies as they develop allow Stone Age Recordings to create a great sounding product at an affordable price.

In 2003 Stone Age Recordings release "Fields of Love" was recognized by the Dallas Songwriters Association in winning their top award in the Christian/Inspirational category. This is an annual event with entries submitted from around the world.